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Dancing Burlesque since 2014 and still going! Check out photos fresh off the stage and stay up to date with my next performances!


As part of the Antikaraoke we have rocked many stages in Catalunya and beyond. Check out photos, videos and our next dates!


Thanks to my dancing, I have met several photographers and we have gone on to create a little magic with these photos. Check it out!

I’m just a musical prostitute, my dear.

Freddie Mercury

I began at the tender age of 5 years to feel the magic of the stage and the music pounding through speakers.

Since then I have dedicated my time, energy and passion to the world of performance art and music, in my free time and in my studies

If you are interested in more tales about my journey through the backstages of the world, check my bio.

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The Poet and the Pendulum

Lyric analysis by Annika Hausen Introduction “The Poet and the Pendulum” is a song of the 2007 album “Dark Passion Play” by the Finnish band Nightwish, founded in 1996 and on-going opus of the musical genius that is Tuomas Holopainen. Tuomas Holopainen is the main composer and songwriter for the band and also of the…

Deutschland – Rammstein

In depth analysis of Rammstein’s first single in 10 years. Extract from my Master’s Degree Thesis. As first part of the analysis, I would like to go deeper into the music of Deutschland. The instrumentation is that of a typical Rammstein song. 2 guitars, bass guitar, synthesizer, drums and Till Lindemann’s trademark vocals with harsh…

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Apart from performing myself, I also have studied music and performance. Over the last few years, I have put my Bachelor’s in Music Production and Master’s in Music to good use and now I have opened my own Fiverr gigs! Do you have a song that needs mixing? Or do you need someone to edit your song for your performance? I’m your girl! Go check it out!